Maintenance – Why it’s Important?

Playground equipment will only continue to function safely if it is properly maintained. It is the responsibility of all companies who manufacture and install playground equipment to help inform customers on the importance of regular inspections of play areas and a key focus on maintenance in order to keep the equipment in the best possible condition.

All regulating bodies see the need not only to install to safe standards but also to see to it that the same standards are adhered to throughout the entire period of equipment use. Playground equipment is subject to wear and tear through daily use. It will not last forever, but it is very important to get the maximum life expectancy. Regular inspections of the playground equipment will highlight any maintenance requirement. The maintenance work will prevent any small remedial turning into a larger and more expensive problem.

Documents to Help

When your equipment was installed by ESP, you were provided with a Customer Support Pack, containing templates for keeping maintenance records:

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