ESP discuss recent PE Ofsted reports.

This week, Ofsted released its latest reports on school sport across England. On the whole, the results are positive, stating that PE is in ‘good health’. However, concerns have been raised over the lack of quality of PE lessons in some schools and in particular, Primary schools. This is largely due to the absence of adequate training resulting in a lack of confidence and competence amongst staff members. It has been said that lessons are not active enough. Staff are talking more than necessary and children have less time to become physically challenged.

ESP have recognised this lack of training for many years and through their own CPD training programs and multi-skills concepts they offer a number of solutions. This has proved to be extremely popular amongst primary schools throughout the country who are keen to tackle the problem of poor PE lessons. The CPD training receives widespread praise and ESP are pleased to have helped breathe a breath of fresh air into school sport. The main aim of CPD training is to directly improve PE lessons and with current Ofsted reports, this is invaluable to schools.

Schools looking to improve their PE lessons are advised to employ our multi-skills concept into their outdoor play areas. These playground markings provide a platform to build upon fundamental movement skills appropriate to all sports. With multi-skills games children are able to practice throwing, catching, jumping, twisting, running, walking and more. The Famous Five Multi-Skills package comes supplied with CPD training to up-skill staff and add sustainability to the products.

The warning signs provided by Ofsted should not be taken lightly. It’s time to make improvements to secure the health and wellbeing of children and to take the steps required to impress Ofsted. The current reports are good ‘on the whole’, but is this really good enough?

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