Natural Play Areas within Schools

Does your school encourage nature play?

Recent reports by RSPB have raised concerns over the current lack of connection between children and the natural world. These reports are as a result of important and extensive research about the amount of time children spend in natural environments.

The information collected from a sample of 1,200 children shows that only 21% are connected with nature on a level that is satisfactory. This was based upon questions answered in 4 specific areas: enjoyment of nature; empathy for creatures; sense of oneness; sense of responsibility.

For more information on this research, take a look at the RSPB report: “Connecting with nature”.


ESP and the provision of nature based play.

Connecting with nature should be part of a child’s daily life, whether that involves collecting leaves, feeding animals or planting seeds. ESP fully support the use of nature in the playground environment and through the inclusion of nature based playground equipment we help children connect with their natural surroundings.

Connecting children with nature has a number of important benefits towards the development of children, including:

  • Health and wellbeing – The outdoors encourages increased physical activity.
  • Education – A hands-on approach gives children a better understanding of nature and the world that surrounds them.
  • Personal and social skills – Nature inspires positivity, communication and group activity while giving children the opportunity to discuss their discoveries.

Our Nature Play range provides children with the equipment to investigate, explore and learn about their natural surroundings. Each product is designed to encourage children to nurture and care for the world around them; plant and watch seeds grow; feed and nurture different animals and present their findings to their friends.


Take a look at our 5 recommendations for natural play.

1)   Digging pits with trellis screens – Ideal for encouraging children to plant seeds and maintain their growth. The trellis screens allow climbing plants to thrive, creating beautiful aesthetics while teaching the children about the concepts of growth.

2)   Planter with Perspex panel – This large planter includes a transparent front, allowing children to witness root growth beneath the surface and watch their plants grow over time.

3)   Bird table – A classic. The bird table allows children to feed birds and encounter different species as they come and go.

4)   Butterfly box – This product attracts butterflies, keeps them warm and allows the children to see and inspect them in close proximity.

5)   Insect Habitat – Allows children to discover the amazing world of insects as they collect and discuss their findings

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