Trim trails

Our School Trim Trails Provide Fun-Filled Physical Activity

What better way to get every child taking part in high-quality physical activity than playing on a fun-filled Trim Trail obstacle course? And with our unique range of inclusive products, each child can participate at their own level of ability.

Bring climbing to your outdoor play area with a traditional Trim Trail. We provide all the traditional unit designs, together with advanced and simplified versions of each, to accommodate different age ranges and abilities.

With thousands of combinations to choose from, our school Trim Trails provide your children with the perfect choice of obstacles to match their individual, physical abilities.

Our unique system challenges children across a range of abilities. A Trim Trail from ESP can combine simplified, intermediate and advanced versions of products, each offering progressively more risk and challenge to complete. The flexibility of our fitness Trim Trails enables you to pick and choose each item according to how appropriate it is for your children.

You can also create bespoke Trim Trails courses, setting the items out in a course that compliments your school environment. Components can be installed in a line, a zig-zag format, a circular arrangement or each can be positioned as an activity station.

No need to stick to one type of Trim Trail - Why not make it Interchangeable?

Our unique interchangeable Switch Infinity Trails offer the ultimate flexibility, enabling you to quickly and easily change the course as often as you like. This way, you can keep offering your children different challenges. With our large library of rope designs, in 3 different levels of difficulty, there is a huge choice and scope to keep children challenged for years to come.

Feel free to mix and match to vary the challenge level throughout the trail. This unique approach ensures that your Trim Trail playground equipment offers progression and challenge for pupils of all abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Trim Trails?

Although most people will have seen Trim Trails in parks and playgrounds, not everyone is familiar with their name. Essentially, a Trim Trail is an obstacle course made up of a series of challenges that children have to overcome in order to complete the course. Each Trim Trail course is unique because you are able to pick and choose from a wide variety of obstacles and arrange them in an order and layout of your choosing.

Typically made from wooden beams with metal poles, tyres and ropes, obstacles can include balance beams, steppers (wooden stepping-stones), dipping bars, jungle bars, wobbly log passes, rope traverses, tyre trainers and various other pieces of exciting equipment.

Are Trim Trails suitable for all ages?

Yes, with such a wide variety of obstacles to choose from, it is possible to create Trim Trails for children of all ages. However, some obstacles are specifically designed to be more challenging and these are not recommended for children under 5. Our low challenge pieces, on the other hand, are ideal for little ones. Individual product pages have a guide which tells you how suitable each item is for the different age ranges.

How much do Trim Trails cost?

This depends on how many components you purchase when creating your Trim Trails course. Obviously, the more components you install, the more the cost will be. It also depends upon the particular components you choose, as they are all priced differently.

If you have a small budget, one of the good things about a Trim Trails course is that you can add to it over time, perhaps adding a new piece each academic year or after a fund-raising event.

What are the benefits of Trim Trails?

The challenging nature of a Trim Trails course is a natural motivator, inspiring young people to get on and play. Once on, they are instantly taking part in high-quality physical activity that builds strength, develops physical skills, like coordination, and improves overall fitness – this is why they are sometimes referred to as fitness Trim Trails. This is a great way to get kids doing some of the 60 minutes of physical activity they are recommended to do every day.

Beyond the physical benefits, playing on Trim Trails equipment helps children to challenge themselves, deal with risk and develop resilience – all essential skills for life in and out of the classroom.