A Fresh Start for Botley C of E Primary School

Botley Primary asked us to visit their school to take a look at their Early Years resource, in the hope we could help them turn their vision into reality. Over the course of the past few months we arranged for the area to be surveyed, designed to their requirements and installed all of the playground equipment and playground markings. The project was a huge success, the headteacher and reception staff had the following to say.

“ESP came to visit us twice over the academic year whilst we were planning our outdoor classroom. The playground equipment that they displayed was colourful, incorporating many natural materials, exciting and complimented the curriculum for the Early Years. The school staff and Governors chose this company over two others due to the cost and high quality equipment that clearly took into consideration the needs of small children. As we occasionally suffer from vandalism we were pleased that ESP would be able to attach the playground equipment securely to the ground. This would also mean that we would save time in setting out the outdoor classroom and putting it away each day.

Once a decision was made by the Governors we were able to contact ESP who assured us that they would complete all the work in the proceeding school holiday. They kept their promise regarding the timing of the work, fitted the playground equipment within a short space of time and worked well in conjunction with a local tarmac company. The workers were punctual, friendly, considerate of the needs of the staff working on site and spoke with the most gorgeous Lancastrian accents!”


“We highly recommend ESP for anyone considering developing an exciting outdoor classroom for the children in their care. They will love it, just like ours!”

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