10 amazing playground equipment deals

10 Amazing Play Equipment Deals

We have created 10 playground equipment special offers to help you develop your outdoor area on a budget. With everything from seating solutions to climbing frames covered, don't miss out on these amazing prices.
Get these whilst you can!

Deal 1 - 5 Magnetic Game Boards

Get our 5 most popular magnetic game boards!


Children are most enthusiastic when they are having fun, magnetic game boards are a good way to get them to interact with each other in a fun and enjoyable way.


What you get:


 What you pay:

Only £699 including installation

Post mount your boards for only £120 each.

Deal 2 - Rope Trail

Our popular Rope Trail offers schools a fantastic way to get a large climbing structure into a small space and also at a fantastic price.


There are 7 individual challenges as part of the trail designed to provide a physical challenge for your pupils.


What you get:


  • Twisty Challenge

  • Traverse Net

  • Tyre Pass

  • Balance Challenge

  • Rope Traverse Zig

  • Rope Traverse Zag

  • Spinning Log

 What you pay:

Only £3,699 including installation

Deal 3 - Ball Catcher & Ball Catcher Trainer Marking

Our multi-coloured steel Ball Catcher stimulates both physical and mental activities.


With one entrance point and 3 exit points, the challenge is to get the ball in the entrance and run around the ball catcher to the appropriate exit point.


What you get:


 What you pay:

Only £1,179 including installation

Deal 4 - Story Telling Area

school story telling area special offer

Let your children and even staff enjoy telling stories outdoors with our story telling area package.


The large story telling chair is an ideal focal point for the story-teller and the 5 colourful log seats are perfect for eager listeners.


What you get:


 What you pay:

Only £1,269 including installation

Deal 5 - 2 x Recessed Goal Units

The recessed goal unit is designed to contain ball games in a highly active zoned area. It is a fantastic exhaust for energy for all ages and abilities.


The recessed goal unit unit carries a 10 Year guarantee against rot and infestation.


What you get:


 What you pay:

Only £2,865 including installation

Deal 6 - Small Shaded Pergola with Planters and Seating

Small shaded pergola with planters and seating to seat up to six children. The pergola enables children to interact to chat, read and develop social skills.


All our pergolas come with a 10 Year guarantee against rot and infestation.


What you get:


 What you pay:

Only £1,545 including installation

Deal 7 - 5 Panel Traversing Wall

The wooden traversing wall is a robust solution for a school with minimal wall space. Complete with explosion proof handgrips, made from resin bound sand, combine fun and physical activity whilst encouraging team building and leadership.


All our climbing walls carry a 10 Year guarantee against rot and infestation.


What you get:


 What you pay:

Only £1,375 including installation

Deal 8 - Tangled Wolf and Grass Matting Surfacing

The Tangled Wolf frame is a lower-level and more cost effective version of our popular Tarantula climbing frame which offers children everything to help them develop into confident climbers.


The Tangled Wolf features a 10 Year guarantee against rot and infestation.


What you get:


 What you pay:

Only £8,165 including installation

Deal 9 - Excellent Adventure Play Tower

The Excellent Adventure Towers design is one of the larger Play Towers available from ESP and includes a range of challenging apparatus that bring variety to a playground space.


Our Excellent Adventure Tower features a 10 Year guarantee against rot and infestation.


What you get:


 What you pay:

Only £8,145 including installation

Deal 10 - Play Hut

The playhut offers a fantastic opportunity for role play, creativity, imagination and inclusion.


Children can interact with each other, stimulating creative play in a safe, welcoming and sheltered environment.


What you get:


 What you pay:

Only £940 including installation

Playground Funding Assistance

Playground funding for your next development

Acquiring funding for your next play area development can be arduous which is why we have created a comprehensive playground funding assistance guide which will talk you through the various different options available to your school.

Getting some ideas together for how you want to transform your outdoor area is essential if you are to be successful in securing any financial contribution towards it. We have a vast range of products available to get you started but we also offer every school a completely FREE playground design service to show you how your dream play area could look. We can design schemes to suit any budget or specific requirements your school may have.

In addition to this we have just introduced our new Funding Bid Writing & Management Service where a member of our team will manage your application from start to finish to increase the likelihood of you securing the funding you need.

Our guide covers:


  • How to use ESP’s unique Funding Bid Writing and Management Service.
  • What products you can spend your Sports Premium Budget on.
  • Acquiring funding directly from ESP.


Continue to our full guide here…

the 5 best tips to develop your play area

5 Tips to Develop your Playground

There has never been a more important time for physical education (PE), school sport and health-related activity in schools. Research confirms that up to 50% of all seven year-olds do not get enough exercise and one in three young people leave primary school overweight or obese. From an early age, lifelong patterns of positive behaviour and involvement can be gained through participation in high quality physical activity and play.

Research proves that well designed outdoor play areas can help combat these issues and so we have put together out top 5 tips to develop your play area to help any school thinking about making a positive change.

Informal and structured physical activity is essential for the mental, physical, emotional and social development of every child. This type of activity develops fundamental movement skills and coordination skills, social skills linked to communication and language, and creativity and cooperation – all essential tools to aid successful learning in the curriculum and beyond.

It is very important to create an environment that offer sustainability. The facilities and knowledge of how to use the facilities correctly are the key to creating a positive whole school impact that is sustainable and cross curricular. That is why having the right playground is so important. Here are five key points to help maximise your playground space to inspire young people to undertake physical activity:


Tip 1. What is your objective? What are you trying to achieve with this investment?

Does the development of your playground form part of your school improvement plan? Is this investment recognised as a priority by the whole school and local community. To create a sustainable impact the school and community must have ownership and responsibility on how they will use this facility to add value to learning and the development of young people. Teachers must be able to identify and evidence how they will develop and improve the following points:


  • Participation in daily physical activity for every child
  • Leadership skills
  • Communication and language skills
  • Social skills
  • Team work
  • Fundamental movement skills
  • Achievement in Physical Education lessons


A needs analysis of your playground will help inform you of what improvements can be made. The analysis should focus on gathering and reviewing the information, consulting end users and key stakeholders, and establishing priority requirements. It is important that you are inclusive throughout the process and make a special effort to understand the requirements of children with special educational needs (SEN) and disabilities to incorporate these into your plan. Consider the following key questions: How well is the space used? Are there spaces between existing buildings that have always been under-utilised? What is it currently used for? Who is using it? Who is not using it? What would the pupils like it to be used for?


Tip 2. A School Playground should not be the same as a Community Park.

It is too easy to simply put a put a piece of equipment in a school playground and think job done. A community play park is to simply go and climb and school playground is a place to play but also learn at the same time. Learning should not just start at the classroom door, it should begin at the school gates. The outdoor resources available to schools offer a fantastic opportunity to take learning beyond the classroom. Ask yourself; does this equipment have any relevance and purpose to curriculum? Does it offer any wider benefits to just play? Can I evidence this equipment as adding value to the school improvement plan?

Any investment should yield a return. What educational return is your playground offering?


Tip 3. Team effort

Engaging the right people at this early stage will ensure they are committed to the project. The key stakeholders that should be consulted from the very start are: governors, headteachers, teachers, teaching assistants, lunchtime supervisors, parents and pupils. They can be consulted in a variety of ways including: meetings and class discussions; school sports council(s); playground committee; questionnaires; observation studies and pupil drawings.


Tip 4. Choose a qualified contractor that understands education

Appoint a qualified and knowledgeable contractor to work with you to check the feasibility of the components and configurations selected. Make sure they understand education and the purpose of your investment. Don be sucked into just picking equipment from a catalogue. Make sure the design is bespoke to your requirements and objectives.


Tip 5. Teacher Development

To make your investment sustainable you must ensure teachers, lunchtime supervisors, assistants and others understand how to use the playground for break and lunch time activities but more importantly how to benefit from the outdoor resource for curriculum time. Engage in an accredited CPD programme that supports the use of the playground across the curriculum.

Research confirms the following:


  • Children are better prepared for learning following participation in high quality physical activities
  • Children are less fidgety in class following participation in high quality physical activity
  • 80% of children are kinaesthetic learners
  • Development of Fundamental Movement skills improve confidence and movement competence and therefore increases participation
High Wind Alert, windy scene, playground alert for wind.

High Wind Alert

We are experiencing very high wind currently! These winds can cause problems for schools who have had large items of equipment installed. These include sail shades, shaded pergolas, shelters, play towers and ball catchers.

We are advising that during these high winds schools should be extra vigilant in their checks of the equipment they have had installed. Particular attention is advised for items as follows:

Ball catchers – please check the item is secure in the ground. That the top is not loose and all bolts and nuts are tightened. Please check that there is no excessive movement and if necessary take hold in the units pole and perform a vigorous check of the stability of the object. If there is any cause for concern please cordon off the area and contact ESP for further advise.

Sail Shades – we are advising schools to refer to their customer support pack as a reminder that we strongly advise the sails shades are removed in the winter months.

Pergolas and Shelters or play towers – perform visual check on the roof or shade to ensure no loose or moving parts are identified

If you are concerned about any element of your playground installation please contact ESP for advice.

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New Playground Design Concept

ESP are pleased to share with you their brand new playground design concept plan, which highlights the vast range of products across their entire range of playground equipment. Our design team have been hard at work constructing the concept to demonstrate potential ideas for your own playground, while introducing 3 of our brand new product ranges: Connect, Free Flow and Trim Trail Plus.

The design includes sections for the following:

  • MUGA Design and Build – Our MUGA range includes everything you need to create the perfect outdoor multi-sports environment.
  • Tangled – Our Tangled range features a number of timber based climbing frames to provide children with a space to practice climbing and coordination skills.
  • Nature Play – Designed to encourage children to engage with nature through play; the nature range features products such as bird tables, ladybird towers, hedgehog boxes and much more.
  • Trim Trail Plus – Brand new from ESP, the Trim Trail Plus range has been designed to ensure that every child is able to use the obstacles and can choose a route to suit their own ability levels.
  • Free Flow – Another new product for 2014, Free Flow allows schools to design their own obstacle course from a range of modules and platform layouts.
  • Multi-skills – Our unique multi-skills concepts encourage children to practice fundamental movement skills and improve physical literacy applicable to all sports.
  • CPD Training – Tailored to suit the needs of your school, our training programs are designed to up-skill your staff to assist with physical activity amongst children.
  • Maths and Science Play – Our educational playground equipment takes learning into the outdoor environment and provides an exciting alternative to the traditional classroom.
  • Connect – New for 2014, the Connect Construction Range is a block system which allows children to build whatever they desire, limited only by their imagination.

Our creative team are able to offer a FREE playground design similar to what you see above, so you can see the full potential of your outdoor play area. Take our concept plan as inspiration to present us with your ideas and we’ll turn them into reality.



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