ESP Play were invited by Oakley Cross Primary School to attend a meeting relating to an exciting development and investment into their EYFS outdoor play area. 

School: Oakley Cross Primary School

Location: West Auckland

Sian Atkinson, Headteacher, identified a need to invest in their outdoor provision to provide a rich and varied environment that supports and enhances young children’s learning and development.

ESP Play are an industry specialist in nursery and EYFS outdoor playground equipment. School’s benefits from a well-developed and comprehensive range of products specifically designed for early years outdoor play. ESP have a team of EYFS playground designers working in partnership with primary schools every day to create stimulating outdoor learning environments that children love to play in.  Our designs encourage every child to experience all aspects of the learning and development outcomes expected by the EYFS statutory framework.

Oakley Cross Primary School and Nursery Unit is committed to serving its community and surrounding areas. As a school they recognise the multicultural, multi-faith nature of the United Kingdom and understand the crucial role they can play in promoting the values of tolerance, respect, liberty, democracy and the rule of law.

Take a look at this unique development that is now fully completed.  This wonderful playground development includes physically challenging areas for the crucial development of fine and gross motors skills.  A range of open-ended equipment has been integrated within a tactile and sensory orientated design.  Block paving roadways, a stage performance area, reading huts, den making areas have all been considered within this new play space.  A new lean-to canopy was design and attached to the existing building to enable better continuous provision and a smoother transition for indoor and outdoor learning experiences.

This brand new outdoor EYFS play area now enable the young learners to flow freely between indoor and outdoor learning and benefit from a well-structured and open-ended design.  The learning is endless, exciting, and different every day.