ESP Play was asked to design and install a new playground area that was more inviting, stimulating and engaging for EYFS children.

School: Rainbow Forge Primary School

Location: Sheffield

Rainbow Forge Primary Academy contacted ESP Play as they wanted to install new climbing equipment within their key stage 1 and key stage 2 shared playground.

The school had received quotations from other companies for the installation of at traditional Trim Trail, which, until they had met with ESP, they were looking to proceed with.

However, when they saw the FreeFlow trim trails from ESP Play they instantly changed their mind. The FreeFlow Climbing adventure range from ESP Play is a modular design made up of numerous anti-slip platforms.

The Project

This modular concept, unique to ESP, allows lots of children to be physically activity at the same time.  One our units will allow 50 children to play at one time.  Trim Trails can sometime cause more problems than they are there to combat.  Their linear design often creates queues and therefore frustration in the playground.

FreeFlow from ESP allow children to get on and off as they wish without troubling any other child.  The design allows for a mixture of ability children by integrated low level physical activities and upper body. Every child, no matter what age or ability is catered for.

Rainbow Forge Academy purchased the FreeFlow package 2 with a bonded Rubber Mulch safety surface.  This was installed on to tarmac and has been an instant hit with the boys and girls in the school.