Concerns Surrounding Activity Level – Our Response

Recent research reports have again shown growing concerns surrounding children’s physical activity level in school time. The report shows that the increasing numbers of children who are not participating in the required amount of physical activity is currently at a figure of 49%. This is remarkably high and it should set off alarm bells in the minds of the public health sector.

This serves as a healthy reminder of what Baroness Sue Campbell had to say back in January of this year. She confessed her worry for the ‘physical illiteracy’ of children as they progress into secondary school. She stated that many children felt overwhelmed with the sporting curriculum at secondary level due to the lack of proper physical education at primary school.

ESP have been discussing these concerns for years. Through independent research carried out by a number of UK universities, we proved that there was much room for improvements in the physical activity taking place in schools. We worked in partnership with Roehampton University and Leeds Metropoliton University at 163 schools in SW Essex to provide the necessary research to show the effectiveness of our own multi-skills playground markings. This research looked at the amount of activity taking place in school playgrounds and reported the changes in activity levels following the installation of our own multi-skills markings and CPD training. The reports showed a significant increase, proving that our multi-skills concepts were extremely effective throughout the whole school. Read our research evidence on play in schools for the full report.

Since these reports were released to the public, we have had many schools throughout the country take on board our concepts and implemented them into the school playground. One of our most popular products, the ‘multi-skills zone’ includes 5 playground markings and accompanying CPD training.

These expertly designed markings were specifically designed with multi-skills in mind and can be used to practice every single skill. They provide children with the context to learn and practice fundamental skills in an outdoor learning environment that is fun, creative and encouraging. It allows them to participate in a range of games and activities that are proven to improve gross motor skills applicable to all sports. Alongside pre-set games there is scope for creativity, allowing children to invent their own multi-skills games. Sustainability is vastly improved through CPD training, which is used to up-skill school staff with the knowledge for teaching multi-skills games to the children.

To find out more about our multi-skills concepts and how we can help improve the physical activity levels within your school playground, contact us today on 01282 434445.


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