Playground equipment
Wall Mounted Target Board


Our range of wall mounted Target Boards provide a complementary Multi-skills product to develop hand-eye coordination, catching skills, reaction skills and for general target practice in the school playground. A very cost effective piece of playground equipment.

Product Code: WB002

WB002 – Wall Board – Target


  • Manufactured from shatter resistant polycarbonate.
  • Reverse printed designs to avoid damage and deter vandalism.
  • UV resistant.

Targets Available

  • WB002 – Target
  • WB021 – Cricket Target
  • WB022 – Silver Target
  • WB023 – 9 Square Target
  • WB024 – Goalie Target
  • WB025 – Tennis
  • WB026 – Jungle
  • WB027 – Noah’s Ark


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