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Tower Puzzle – Maths Play

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About the Product

The Tower Puzzle is a safe piece of maths play equipment which is both mentally and physically challenging. The challenge is to move the disks from one rod to another using set rules.

The rules are:

  • The disks must start in assending size order on one rod with the smallest on top.
  • Only one disk can be moved onto another rod at any time
  • No disk can be placed on top of a smaller disk
  • The end result should be disks on a different rod in the same order as the start

This popular classic maths game has been blown up by ESP, making a large piece of playground equipment that requires more physical activity. The high quality game pieces have been designed to be light and soft in order to be safe and easy to lift. CPD training is available for the whole range of maths play equipment.

Suitable For:

Suitable for PrimarySuitable for Secondary


Area Required
  • Width: 3.2m
  • Length: 6.3m
Product Dimensions
  • Width: 1.2m
  • Length: 3.7m
  • Height: 1.3m

Training is available for this product in the form of: