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Giant Soma Cube

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About the Product

The Maths Soma cuba is a portable piece of maths play equipment designed to be a modern version of the Rubik’s Cube. This mental and physical exercise brings children together as they find new ways to match the colours on each side of the cube.

The soma cube offers an exciting opportunity to learn and understand shapes and angles. It promotes physical activity within the learning experience, while enhancing cooperation. The pieces of the cube are lightweight enough for ease of movement and access to a wide range of ages.

Suitable For:

Suitable for PrimarySuitable for Secondary


Area Required
  • Width: 2.9m
  • Length: 2.9m
Product Dimensions
  • Width: 0.9m
  • Length: 0.9m
  • Height: 0.9m

Download PDF:
KIN012 - Soma Cube


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