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Post Mounted Measure Station – Science Play

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Our Measure Station is designed to allow children to expand and develop their knowledge of measurement and scale. Presented as an interactive panel, this piece of playground equipment for schools gives children the opportunity to work independently or as part of a team to carry out simple measuring tasks and to explore the idea of length, width and time. Combined with other products from our playground equipment range it is a fantastic products that engages children in recording statistics, data and information.  This data can be then transferred onto the science Outdoor Graph and trends can be analysed.

The Measure Station challenges children to measure things such as their hands and feet and features a rotating window that provides several other suggestions of objects to measure. Featuring 3 stopwatches, it gives children the chance to experiment with the measurement of time and helps them to develop their observational skills.

The stopwatches are also great for use during break times, challenging children to take part in timed physical challenges.

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