Educational Panels

Pupils love lessons that get them out of the classroom and taking part in active learning – and it’s a proven way to increase engagement. To make it easier for teachers, ESP Play has developed an exclusive range of outdoor educational panels specifically designed to help you make full use of your playground where pupils have more freedom to move about whilst they discover and learn.

Our range of educational panels will increase pupils’ enjoyment and encourage greater participation and cooperation in your outdoor learning activities. Whether working individually, in pairs or small groups, our panels will help pupils to work independently and collaboratively.

And to ensure you have everything you need, we’ve got educational panels for every curriculum area: art and design, design and technology, English, geography, history, maths, MFL, music, PE and science. We’ve even got cross-curricular resources.

Whether you’re looking for a conjunctions panel for literacy, a weaving board for textiles, a weather station for science or an abacus for maths, you’ll find these and a whole lot more in our educational panels section.

Created specifically for use outside, our educational panels are the ideal outdoor learning resources. They are interchangeable, designed to handle the rough and tumble of everyday use and will keep your pupils engaged for years to come.

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