Imaginative Play

Taking part in imaginative play is a crucial element of child development and every pupil needs the opportunity to express their creativity through play. One of the best times for children to engage in this is during unstructured playtimes and for this reason, we have created an exciting range of outdoor resources that turn sterile playgrounds into highly creative environments.

Our rich selection of imaginative playground resources includes raised stages where children can act out roleplay and perform songs and dances; two styles of mud kitchen for making mud pies and other concoctions; a bark pit and digging box, a two-seater carriage on log wheels; two styles of bridge; a play hut, complete with benches and a table; a range of warped mirrors; an assortment of drawing boards; and a painting station.

In addition to being used during free time, many of these outdoor imagination resources lend themselves well to use within the more creative elements of the curriculum, especially drama which is well suited to being taught and performed in the open air.

The creative resources we provide at ESP Play are designed to promote relationship building and improve communication and language skills. Playing imaginatively together helps develop social interaction whilst helping children overcome problems and deal with issues through roleplay.

All our outdoor imaginative products are made from safe, robust and long lasting materials.

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