Our Trim Trail + range allows every child to be able to participate in high quality physical activities at their own level of ability.

With thousands of combinations we can provide your children with a choice of obstacles to match their individual physical abilities.

Our unique rating system of simplified, intermediate and advanced, allows you to choose between different difficulty levels so you can design a bespoke trim trail that is appropriate to your school. Feel free to mix and match to vary the challenge level throughout the trail. This unique approach ensures that your trim trail playground equipment offers progression for the less able children and challenge for the gifted and talented children.

Traditional Trim Trails

Bring climbing to your outdoor play area with a traditional trim trail. We provide all the traditional unit designs as well as a more advanced and a simplified version of each to accommodate different age ranges and abilities.

Interchangeable Trim Trails

Our unique interchangeable Switch Infinity Trails are a great way to keep the challenge changing within the school yard. With our large library of rope designs in 3 different levels of difficulty there is huge choice and scope to keep children challenged for years to come.

Team Adventure Zone (TAZ)

Our Team Adventure Zone range of adventure trail equipment offers a more challenging alternative to our trim trail and fitness trail products. Including an adventure trail in your school play area is a great way to encourage strength building and increasing physical fitness. The improvement of fitness helps towards making children more competent in other sporting activities whilst also reducing stress levels.