School Playground Equipment Case Studies

Read about our school playground equipment installations through the UK

"The kids absolutely love it. When you go to the school first thing in the morning there are children running around the track, playing football, on the pitch... they just love it. The parents are also thrilled with it and the high school can't believe we have such good resources at a primary school."
Maria Townsend
Raynville Primary School

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ESP specialise in the design, installation and support of the playground as a context to deliver improvements across the whole school, through the use of playground equipment and playground markings.

We deliver our concept in Early Years, Primary, Secondary and SEN schools by embedding a movement pathway through specifically designed playground markings and a structured CPD training programme to aid the development of all young people and offer them the best chance to engage and participate in daily high quality physical activity. All of our playground equipment, playground markings and training services have been designed as developmentally appropriate interventions and focus very closely on the correct ages and stages of a child's development.

ESP have installed a number of playgrounds throughout the UK. From the Parkour range at Padiham St Leonards to the many playground markings, musical play equipment, trim trail, game boards at Copp C of E, we have catered for all kinds of playground, big or small.

We fit a range of MUGA products and trim trail equipment at Clapham Manor. The school were very happy with the products installed and said they would recommend us to others.

Require a new playground alongside a school rebuild project? The playground at Holywell Primary School received a massive overhaul from ESP, who designed a play area to encourage invigorating and engaging physical activities. This included our unique Parkour For Schools product as well as Trim Trail Equipment.

In Scotland, we work in partnership with the Active Schools network, PE specialists, non PE specialists and professional coaches in delivering our strategy of Shaping A Community of Practice Through PE and Sport in order to deliver the 2 hour PE aspiration and contribute to the delivery of Curriculum for Excellence, Health HEAT targets and school agendas.