The AllGo+ Gym is a unique body weight only fitness facility designed specifically for secondary aged children.

Lift your body weight only.

Cheaper than steel gym's.

Promotes healthy activity.

High quality, low maintenance.

Your Gym will include:

1 x Ring Step Marking


Fast Feet Marking


1 x Circle Steps


1 x Leg Rise


1 x Monkey Bars


1 x Press Up Bar 300mm


1 x Press Up Bar 550mm


1 x Press Up Bar 700mm


1 x Pull Up Bar Short


1 x Pull Up Bar


1 x Sit Up Bench Flat


1 x Sit Up Bench Steep


1 x Sit Up Bench


1 x Step Up


1 x Information Sign


Why buy AllGo+

Promotes leadership, young ambassador programmes and provides good evidence for SEF.

Added benefits